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Failure:Lab Store

Introducing the Failure:Lab Store Check out all our new apparel and swag HERE! We invite you to join our T-Shirt contest. Submit your best idea in the form below by February 7th and your tagline could be featured on an official Failure:Lab T-Shirt. You’ll also receive a T-Shirt of your choice and two backstage passes to the 2016 Failure:Lab event of your choice.* Huge thanks to our friends at brightly for designing & developing the new store.… Read More

The Top 12 Failures of FAILURE:LAB

An event organizers guide of what not to do Starting Failure Our stories always begin before we do and this is certainly true of Failure:Lab. Before launching our international event and curriculum company, we were working on a little known idea called Elemental. It was supposed to be a new media company focusing on innovative philanthropy and positive news (think… Read More

Terry Johnston

From Grand Rapids, July 17, 2015 “I needed a hug but was told I am a lethal weapon and threatened with jail.” Terry told the bravest Failure:Lab story yet when he revealed his secret of being HIV positive. He talked about his experience with friends, family and the health department. His story is now a tool being used to educate legislators about an outdated law and has already helped cause positive changes at the health department.… Read More

Nadira Kharmai

From Chicago, October 2nd, 2014 “I still haven’t learned how to smile at myself.” Nadira struggles every day as she analyzes her body from every angle, tormenting herself on the inside about how she looks on the outside. She describes a lifetime of seeking acceptance from others but her inability to accept herself is her ultimate failure.… Read More

Mark Hollis

From East Lansing, April 1st, 2014 “I haven’t been the best son to my mother.” Mark thinks back to his childhood and when he first encountered his mother and she shared that his father had left them.  He ran away. Later, he felt he failed his father and ran again. Now he spends time at home feeling like he’s failing those at work and he spends time at work feeling like he’s failing those at home.… Read More

Andy Soper

From Grand Rapids, May 23rd, 2013 “Every day in every way things are getting better and better.” Andy sacrificed his body to escape a situation he knew was wrong. He witnessed and experienced abuse but could not speak out. We all encounter situations where we see or experience something we know is wrong.  … Read More