Mark Hollis

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From East Lansing, April 1st, 2014

“I haven’t been the best son to my mother.”

Mark thinks back to his childhood and when he first encountered his mother and she shared that his father had left them.  He ran away. Later, he felt he failed his father and ran again. Now he spends time at home feeling like he’s failing those at work and he spends time at work feeling like he’s failing those at home.

Where does “good enough” come from? Whose standards do we live by? By our own definition if we aren’t “good enough” how we do we respond? Do we run? Do you run?

With tears in his eyes, Mark shared his story with Failure:Lab and now with you.

Featured Tweets in Response to Mark:
“When life gets hard, and it will, don’t run away.”
“Trying to change after your failures is what makes you a successful person.”

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