Nadira Kharmai

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From Chicago, October 2nd, 2014

“I still haven’t learned how to smile at myself.”

Nadira struggles every day as she analyzes her body from every angle, tormenting herself on the inside about how she looks on the outside. She describes a lifetime of seeking acceptance from others but her inability to accept herself is her ultimate failure.

Where is the balance between influence by others and confidence from within? How do we overcome self-doubt and insecurities? The story your tell yourself about yourself is powerful. Only you can change that story.

With tears in her eyes, Nadira shared her story with Failure:Lab and now with you.

Featured Tweets in Response to Nadira:
“Vulnerability does change the world.”
“There is no such thing as perfect.”
“You don’t have to wait until you’ve arrived to tell your story.”

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